Air Freight with us

We will safely deliver your cargo in agreed time. Our experts will ensure the proposed flights, connection options and other requirements which will meet your needs, and will offer the best solution available from a parcel shipping to a chartered flight
  • Around the globe
    Our reliable network of partners will ensure local services across the world for door-to-door delivery. You will gain more flexibility with our offer of alternative routings, utilization of passenger and cargo flights, different connection hubs, as well as available multimodal opportunities SeaAir and TruckAir.
  • Adherence to Quality standards
    We deployed Quality management system in order to ensure the high level of customer service whilst delivering your cargo safely on time. GDP standards' application, including temperature control, will safeguard your sensitive medical and healthcare shipments. Risk management system, including routes & subcontractor's validation provides for fast recovery action plan. Cargo insurance will save time for recovery of cargo should anything go wrong.
  • Availability of Track&Trace
    We will ship your cargo in accordance with agreed schedule and provide you with regular information and cargo status updates in the most convenient way.
  • Additional services for specialized cargo

    We will provide validated passive packaging for temperature controlled cargo whilst ensuring control over temperature in transit. We will handle your high value, heavy weight, bulky & dangerous goods with special care. Flexible options for part charters, full charters and co-loading will ensure the best value of our services.

Sea Freight

We will safely deliver Full Container Loads (FCL), Less Container Loads (LCL) and PartLoads for you, offer Ref-containers, Flexi-tanks & RORO deliveries. Our ocean freight experts will guide you through all stages of transportation.
  • Sustainable operations
    We partner with large ocean freight operators and forwarding agencies around the globe to offer timely, reliable and cost effective service by sea to you with transparent pricing to keep your business planning accurate. Our Integrated Quality Management System supports the operational quality every day.
  • Shipment status management
    We communicate the schedule for transportation and keep monitoring your shipment, and provide you with the cargo status in the format required by your business. We will be timely informing you on any deviation in the process to enable you to make the right decision to reduce negative impact.
  • Support for alternative routings
    Thanks to our network we provide local services around the world & use different routings to/from Russia, including RU and non-RU ports. We will ensure that operations in transit are smooth & transparent, and provide on-carriage by truck or by rail to deliver to door.
  • Services for specialized cargo

    We provide handling of heavy weight and out-of-gauge cargo, RORO equipment, bulk cargo, dangerous goods, including chartering services options. We have a special offer for alcohol handling & transportation door-to-door. We will take control over your subcontractors shipping schedule, consolidating cargo when required. Cargo Insurance will save time for recovery of cargo should anything go wrong.

Trucking services

We offer Full Truck Load (FTL) services for your cargo and provide various types of trucks and/or Less Truck Load (LTL) to fit the requirement on speed and cost efficiency. We will offer ref-trucks for temperature controlled cargo in Life Science & Health Care Sector.
  • Transport providers' validation

    Our Integrated Quality Management System ensures that validation of truckers is duly performed resulting in high financial and tax reliability of subcontractors, decreasing tax risks to your partner in Russia.
  • Transparent operations

    We coordinate and synchronize your needs and volumes with the fleet owners to enable timely availability of qualified transport on pick up. We provide validation of trucks in accordance with GDP when required for pharmaceuticals transportation.
  • Target safety & speed

    We will provide moving sensors, make additional and
    special packaging and lashing of cargo to keep it safe during transportation. We will take care of customs procedures at origin and in transit to achieve best terms of deliver.
  • Transport specialities

    We provide transportation of specialized cargo, such as excise goods, high value equipment, temperature controlled goods, goods requiring special handling in loading, lashing & transportation.

Rail Freight

International transportation of containers in fast container trains and transportation in wagons, including deliveries within Russia and CIS
  • Kazakhstan - in & out
    Door-to-door delivery by rail including pick up and delivery, customs clearance, terminal handling and consolidation for international cargo.
  • Kazakhstan - inland
    Development and getting authority approval for cargo loading and lashing. Direct partnership with key rail operators and rail forwarders.

Industrial Projects

We arrange and supervise transportation of heavy weight and out-of-gauge cargo by all transport means (incl. river transport), arrange and control of loading/off-loading and lashing works on site and transit locations in challenging weather and geographical conditions
  • Investigating all nuances
    We prepare a transparent plan for logistics operations including analysis of options & factors impacting the transportation, determine the optimum routing and mode of transport. We plan both the transportation schedule and alternative scenarios. We provide full time control of the project.
  • Intensified safety
    We adapt Safety First & Zero Harm principles at all levels in our teams and among subcontractors. We provide control over safety of transportation along the way and ensure full compliance with appropriate state authority requirements and adherence to the project plan. We provide monitoring of works at site to align with all parties.
  • Implementation of technical solutions
    We develop lashing schemes and loading methods and sequence, and prepare technical documentation as required by authorities. Our team ensures the validated loading equipment is available. We will perform survey of transport infrastructure (roads, terminals, equipment) before choosing the route and arranging upgrades where applicable.
  • Intergrated approach
    We offer complex services from one provider with experienced management skill in industrial projects logistics. We coordinate the customer, subcontractors and construction site to align schedules and maximize project performance. We engage only with reliable partners and subcontractors around the globe.
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